Thursday, August 22, 2013

School starts soon

Hey guys!
I just came back from school (picking my classes, getting my locker, introducing myself etc).
So I will probably have English II, Chemistry I, Algebra II, US History, PE II, US Government, Sociology, Working with Children and... Student Leadership (what means i`ll be in the Student Council).
Next Monday I will get my Schedule,
Wednesday is an Orientation Meeting and Thursday is Picture Day!

One of the great things being an Exchange Student is that I get all the nice teacher.
And everybody else is nice to me too :)

me in my new Maroon Student Counselor T-Shirt

So that`s all for now. <3

(This weekend is shopping weekend!
I`m so happy and exciting)

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My First Week

A lot of things happend this last week.
There was the Waterfront Festival where I met some people from my future High School, on Monday I painted my room, yesterday I went to the Kmarkt for some shopping (they have a lot of interesting stuff there...), I met some kids from here,yeah and lots of other stuff...
And of course I took many pictures ;)

Because I don't  have the time to write everyday a whole sory about all the things that happened, I decided just to post some pictures and let you know what I'm doing.

Sorry but I don't want to write more (I know I'm very lazy...) but I have a app so that I can post via cell phone some stuff :))

Bye for now
Franzi :))

PS: And I'm not fat yet! I'm so happy *-*
For those who don't belive me here a picture of me :D

Friday, August 2, 2013

Zoo and Iron Mine

I just came back from our tour today. We went to the Iron Mine in Iron Mountain. It was very cold in there but also very interesting (Yes, I could understand something. Not all but quite much!). After the guided tour I bought some souveniers and I took something like a Iron-Stone (I don't know exactly what it is - it looks like a normal stone) with me from there. Maybe I will send it to my family by mail or I will keep it for myself. For lunch we went to a restaurant (I forgot the name already...) and bought some American sweets afterwards.

Maybe I will go to the Waterfront Festival with a girl from here later. The festival goes on till sunday, tomorrow there will be a firework and on sunday a parade.
Next week I will paint my room (in white and pink) and I hope I'll get to know some other kids from Menominee High School!

Love you all
Franzi <3