Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The first school day

Hey you people!

Today was my first school day and I have to say even the classes itself are (probably) a lot more easier than in Germany, school is a lot more exhausting and strict in USA. You have no break till lunch except for the 5 minutes between the different classes (and you spend them running to your locker and then to the next class. IF you are able open the locker...).
And you have to do homework every single day...

But I think I will like school here. I like the people here. The teachers are very nice and the students are also nice, open and interested in getting to know me. I think I will have a LOT fun with them!
Haha OMG today the Orientation Meeting at the beginning.... It was awesome!

I'm excited about gym class tomorrow. I think we are about 7 girls and 27 guys (or something like that I'm not sure). And of course about all my other classes. I have a lot of Junior or Senoir classes (Chemistry, Psychology) and Algebra 2 and gym class are also half Junior half Sophomores. But I have no clue who is in my grade and who not (I'm so bad at telling how old smd is... AND remembering names).

Yeah I think that's all for now... I think it's for the best if I go to bed soon. Tomorrow is going to be a loong day. And the day after that, too :D

So I wish all my friends a great last week bevor school starts and my family all the best!
Miss you all :*

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Hey guys!

Bevor school starts I went to a few Football games from my High School. We have three different games: the Freshmen games, the V.J. games (the guys from my grade) and the varsity games (these are the actual Football games. Usually the most players are Junior or Senior).
Of course we won all three games last Thursday and Friday!

My hostdad explained me the rules a week ago when we watched the Packers game and I think I understood the most things. Somestimes I was kinda confused but then I asked one of the girls and boys (and I was told that I understand the rules even better than most of the girls here!).

SO... I really like Football (I think it's more interesting than soccer but it's hard to compare. And of course it's always more fun if you actually know the people who are playing and when you watch the game with your friends) and I thinks it's gonna be a great school year! Two more days...

See you then
Fraansi (I didn't know that it's so hard to say my name right... :D )