Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Last weekend I went with my hostparents and some other Exchange Students to Chicago. Chicago is amazing! Ok it was the first big city I've ever been to but whatever.
We first went to the Millenium Park and then I visited with two other girls the Art Institute of Chicago. After that we took a bus to the Navy Pier and as it started to rain we headed back to meet with the others of our group at the Willis Tower. It was very foggy so we didn't went up. Instead we went to the Hardrock Cafe (where I bought some shirts) and ate something at a restaurant.
On Sunday was big shopping-day at the Gurnee Mills. I went with a Swiss Girl and we bought quite a few things.
So that was kinda all about my trip to Chicago. Here a few pics of the city and the shopping tour afterwards
Love ya :*

I'm back again


I know I didn't post anything for quite a bit time but so much is going on (and I just don't feel like writing after all those stuff I have to do for school).
I think my English became pretty well over the last few weeks. Sometimes I first feel like "Oh no an English person! what's the best way to say what I want to explain?!" but then I realize I don't have to think about it actually. I just have to start talking and I will say everything just as I want to. It's so awesome I don't even have to think about talking English you just talk. And it's English! Without meaning to!! Awesome
I probably spent (again) way too much money this month but shopping here is amazing and way better than in Germany! It's so much cheeper and you have in every mall a Hollister, Abercrombie&Fitch, Victoria Secret and Levi's store. And the sports clothes stores are just soo much better than in Germany!!
As you can see I really like shopping here. All the food is still kinda funny for me but it's ok.
I really love the football games especially those from our school (next Saturday is M&M game!! *-*)
And I love it here. I feel like I get more friends every day. I feel really comfortable here and I hope the rest of my year is going to be so awesome like my first two months.

And of course to all my German friends and family miss you :**